Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey! Looks like everyone is busy as we are. I hope everyone is doing ok! I was at moms the other night and she asked me to get all of my old yearbooks and bring them home with me. I was a little mad at first and then as I started to look through them I was glad she had asked me to get them. I don't have a lot of free time these days with coaching and Jensen in cheering, soccer and cross country, but in my few minutes of spare time I have had time to look through them. It is amazing how just looking at those pictures can bring back so many memories!! Tanjie reminded me of one yesterday at the Duck and Run. It was scorching hot and I had left my all metal sun glasses ($1 at Sann Ann Ha!) on the dash board of my truck. I jumped in and put them on not thinking about them sitting in the sun all day and they burned a perfect outline of sunglasses on my face! I remember putting moms ponds cold cream on it to make it better! There were also pictures of Ms. Wunderlich, Mr. Greenhaw and Mr. Pettus that made me reflect on what all they had done for me in high school. It's hard to believe they are not around anymore. I watch these kids at school every day and wonder if they are making the great memories that I had when I was in school. I also found a tape of our senior play when cleaning out my room. It's priceless!! Rhega flipping over that couch is still hilarious!!! I hope everyone has a good week! Later!

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Tanjie said...

Thanks for the memories, Barry.

I'm going to check on getting your tape of the class play transferred onto DVD.